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By O.Jr. bentes
"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, fools ignore the wisdom and education"

" Time is a compressed spring , ready to propel the man , who sees superficially , without much attention, notice how the line, a line or a rope , but who sees more keenly realizes something strange , he recoils that only gives life . Sometimes it shrinks and we now have the impression that everything goes very slowly , this time everything is monotonous , everything remains , everything is very slow , everyday is too much for us humans . Sometimes he stretches and everything happens very quickly , a farm , on a Friday or a Saturday night, everything has to be decided in the here and now . Sometimes I feel the sensation of seeing it again , and for a moment the burdened , a deja - vu , but we realize that everything is a reflection that there is always a new aspect to be glimpsed , differing from all that had been seen before. The time in question, then, a new feeling , himself , is much broader , and life is much broader . The man is much broader , much more multisocioeconomicocultural , much more collective than some would have you believe . And time ? As before he suffers a kind of reflux and then distend much more, coming to resemble a straight and it 'll all climb an average . Then he accelerates like we break the sound barrier , light , looks like we'll jump. And we took a leap or not ? Nothing , everything is continuity. He returns to fold into a cycle of spring even bigger , so big that just being on the moon , to realize the size of the cycles and understand that it must be infinite while it lasts . "

If reality is curved so your reference , the time is too, hehehe .
The prospect of this structure for time is the result of the union of rectilinear and circular structures , man and woman , time and nature of societies , the modern and pre -modern ( medieval ) ; work and leisure , and West east.
This structure has four time frames , which can likewise be equal to the short average, the long term . The first of the cycles of the year , the seasons , does not relate to human beings, they 're not too tied . Even in adolescence detach it from these cycles , they do not determine us both . In short , here , is equivalent , the decade , the average human being , the average equals the time of human societies and last hundred years, " century " , the long is the temporality of Science and lasts a thousand years.
For individuals who do not have any educational background , who live at the mercy of the seasons is easy to see replays of his life , is what we usually vidazinha monotonous , where everything repeats itself , there seems to be no enthusiasm in them live .
To an ordinary human that has minimal educational background , it is easy to notice the repetitions of the decade , and even if it is closer , for example , may perceive television programming . Realize that each year of the decade has meaning. For example , the years ending in zero or ten years as the attacker, the werewolf , the aggressiveness , the tiger, the psychopath , hunting them , the suit sword . It is the first plane of reality and the temporal structure of human relations intersubjective .
For the man of a higher education , and families centered , is easy to notice the repetitions of society . It is very common for families to preserve their memory, making comparisons of an individual with any of its ancestors the third or even fourth generation earlier . It is the second plane of reality and the temporal structure of human relationships with the societies in which they live .
For a human who produces , or even survival , science in their daily lives , the continuities and changes are no longer abstract things and start to material things . It's the third plane of reality and temporal structure of human relationships with the planet .
This structure tries to become more observable and replace the proposed parallel times , post-modernity , in my view, she is more neopositivism . She proposes that time still remains an eternal, but that there are " reps " , but what we understand , falsely as repetitions , are just reflections of a previous reality already experienced for ourselves or we 've been transmitted and internalized . So here what we mean by " dejavu " in psychoanalysis , is just the impression we have moments in our lives that are repeated , and have a narrative structure identical to a fact that we experienced earlier. But that is not to despair in the end, there is always something we had not seen and perceived . That's when the anxiety dies .
Another important aspect of this theory is that each cycle begins right in the middle of the previous cycle , is the time it took us to adapt to reality imposed by each cycle , so we created four dimensions that mathematics could represent the straight ( 1st dimension - Decade - 10 = 10 ¹ ) represented by the X axis , and at that point equals the year , which in this case is not a dimension (dimension , di = 2 , two references to locate something ) ; plan ( 2nd dimension - century - 100 = 10 ² ) , so we say that x ² is x squared , it has two dimensions , represented by two axes : x and Y , the space ( 3rd dimension - millennium - 1000 - 10 ³ ) , so x ³ , x cubed , having three dimensõe or axes X, Y and Z. In this our analogy , there is a fourth dimension that underlies all others, which would be longissima ball ( 4th dimension ) , but there would be no more of the matter but the spirit itself , and not the spirit of the surrounding reality .
In this theory the 4th dimension of Einstein , time is a sphere, it is the sphericity of the Earth, in fact ovoid form , geoid , is what gives us the notion of time . A typical example : when u was little and her father mandavar " looking time " out there , and what I would do ! ? If it would rain , the clouds were moving fast to see if the rain would come soon , right ! ? as it is ! is this notion , perception that the clouds pass , the sun passes , the Moon passes , the stars pass , that everything passes , that gives us a sense of time , closely linked to the movement , speed : V = s / t . in 4d all this in motion , everything is cinematic ( kinetic ) .

Also similarly , we might think of the dimensions of reality : social , it inherently individual , economic, cultural , and spiritual . The 5th dimension would refer to the essence of the spirit , and so far , we think about the essence of the matter , the reality , the quantum world . Even in no time without matter : if F = ma (force = mass times acceleration ) and A = V / t (acceleration = velocity over time) , so time is a "property " of the matter , if V = S / t , then the time is a function of the speed and space , then the time is a function of space velocity and mass matter. That's why we believe in the power of time on the matter , and when there was the matter , there was only pure energy , there was the time : " In the beginning was the Word , and the Word was with God , and God was the very verb " thus : God = verb = energy.
So when the word became noun ! ? Obviously , with our Lord Jesus Christ , the pure energy became matter, substance.
Soon God is pure energy , and this energy at all, which is matter , it is ubiquitous , as they this everywhere , everything he sees , so he knows everything , as long as the human is human , knowledge is power , so God can do anything .
Why when we want to know if it will rain ! ? We sent someone out there from home , and say, looks like this time out there .
Because the observation of the passage of the clouds of matter and its properties , if the clouds are loaded or not , moving in space , tells us if it will rain or not . More than that, this is the time we feel that things are going , and the next day it starts all over again, that the sun will come back again, the moon will be at the starry sky again. So we can say this is the time this good or bad .
If the Moon is the daughter of the Earth , and the Earth is the sister of Mars , then Mars is the guardian of the Moon
Why when we are bored in a day it seems that time stands still ! ?
This is another aspect of reality explained by the spring. When the spring is compressed the cycles are very close , everything seems to be repeated often . The speed of change is slower . The psychological aspect is so burdened in these times , and anxiety corrodes our soul . The mental and physical activity becomes slow .
When spring distends everything goes faster. The perception that we had as children , changing things , gave the feeling that the sun is spinning faster. But it was a false sense means . For what was the Earth revolved around the Sun , but at a certain season of the year the day goes even faster . In those days everything speeds up including mental activity .
During the summer we humans increase our metabolic activity , and in the winter we got more quiet ones . The closer the mass of the Sun , the faster we move.
Let us now turn to another understanding .
( S = space, V = velocity , t = time , F = force , a = acceleration)
If V = s / t => t = S / V , so that the time is subtracted is proportional to the area and inversely proportional to the speed. The larger the space, the greater the time spent to complete this space , if the speed is higher , the shorter the time spent.
If T = S / V and V = / T = > V = axt , logo t = S / ( axt ) and hence t2 = S / a . Time is a function of the acceleration , the more accelerate the shorter the time , and we will have more time to spend. It's easy , just stretch the spring .
If S = t2 / y and F = ma and a = F / m , then t2 = (S xm ) / M, then time is a function of the material, the greater the weight the greater the time and the larger the less force will be times.
If time is a function of the speed , and the speed is a function of the movement , then the time is a function of matter can then say that the time property is a property of matter. That when there was the matter , and his property had not the time .
In the beginning there was only energy and matter super- concentrated .
So we say :
In the beginning was the Word , and the Word was with God and was God himself .
Why God was pure energy . And energy does not need adjectives , much less predicate , because who needs properties and qualities is the noun , rather , matter .
Since God is not a noun to need an adjective to qualify it , then God was the word .
So the proto - time energy hurled themselves against the matter , and began the time. And matter happened to possess characteristics of energy , rather the verb lashed on the noun . So God , the energy , the subject , created its predicate noun .
And there was light , and emerged , so the opening prayer.
When , then, the word became noun ! ? Through our Lord Jesus Christ.
Other concepts that underlie this theory :
" The spirit warms the body and soul gives life meaning "
Spirit = what generates heat , strength , or own heat energy itself .
In the stone age primitive man observed that when a human dies , to touch him , he realized that the body was cold , had lost something that generated heat , the Greeks , then the designated Espiritus to . Obviously , the blood and its friction with the wall of blood vessels was that the heat generated , and how the heart pumped blood , he was the vital organ of all human sensibility .

Etymology of the Latin " spiritus " meaning " breath " or "breath " , hot air coming out of the mouth.

In the Vulgate , the Latin word is translated from the Greek " pneuma " ( πνευμα ) , (in Hebrew (
רוח ) ruah ) , and is in opposition to the term anima, translated " psykhe " .
The distinction between soul and spirit only occurred with the current Judeo- Christian terminology ( eg Greek . " Psykhe " Vs. " Pneuma " , Latin " anima" Vs. " Spiritus " Hebrew " ruach " Vs. " Neshama " " nephesh " or " neshama " the root " NSHM " breath. )
In many cultures , the spirit giveth life to be in the world . The spirit also would be to establish the link , the relationship function between the body and the soul . Often, however, is identified with soul spirit and vice versa and are used in an equivalent manner to express the same.
In psychology , spirit designates the dominant mindset of a person or a group , which motivates him to do or say things in a certain way , but this is only because the spirit , vital energy interconnects , the body , the world and god .
According to the Doctrine , the spirit is the individualization of the intelligent principle of the Universe . When incarnate - ie , clothed with a human body - is called the soul , spirit and soul in this situation form a single assembly.
For the spiritualists , the natural state of the spirit of freedom would be in relation to the matter, ie , the condition of disembodied . In this situation , the spirit retains its personality and individual characteristics .
Also according to Spiritism , the interaction of the mind with the brain is through the perisprit . This connects the will that is born in the mind with the stimulus , energy flow , which directs the brain .
In politics , it is said the spirit of the law , expressed in the constitution . The term comes from the Spirit of Laws Montesquieu , who wrote a book about this title , in which he describes the tripartite system of distribution of states . The interpretation is the force or energy that laws have to be realized in real life in the material world , " the power that the law has to move the world , change the state of things ."
The Egyptian Culture refers to the concept of the soul of Egyptian mythology , which consists of five parts: Ka , Ba , Akh , Ren and Sheut .
To the Egyptians The Ka ( k3 ) was the concept of " vital force " , which would amount to the spirit , the difference between a living person and a dead one , death occurred when the " Ka " left the body , the hot air . It was understood that the KA was created by Khnum the Creator God , a potter's wheel , or passed to the child through the semen of his father .
The Egyptians also believed that the " Ka " was maintained through food and drink. For this reason they were offered food and drink to the dead , but it was the kau ( k3w ) within the food (also known as kau ) that was consumed and not their physical appearance . The ka was often represented in Egyptian iconography as a second image of the individual , the pioneer tried to translate ka as double .
" Ren " would be the equivalent of the name, incriticamente related to " Ba " .
The " Ba " would be equivalent to the notion of personality psychology , or the astrology sign.
" Sheut " would be the equivalent of sombrasombra .
During life , it was thought that the soul , including animals and gods inhabited a body ( called Ha ( ḥ ˁ ) or Khat , which means flesh.
Akh ( Akhu , Khu , Ikhu ) - is the result of the union of Ba and Ka . It is the immortal part , the radiant being that lives within Sahu . Means intellect , desires and intentions of the deceased. The Akh is transfigured in death , and ascends to heaven to live with the gods among the stars .

Spirit =
πνεύμα ( pneuma )
Pira =
πυρά ( pyre )
fire =
heat =
wind =
Ar =
blow =
thought =
soul =
life =


I praise you because of a fearfully and wonderfully made , marvelous are Your works, And my soul knows very well.
Psalms 139:14
Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength .
Deuteronomy 6:5
The river Kishon took the ancient river , the river Kishon . Onward , my soul ! Be strong!
Judges 5:21
and bitterness of soul , and wept much and prayed to the Lord .
1 Samuel 1:10
Ana said : " This is not it, sir . 'm A woman very distressed . Drank no wine or fermented drink , I was pouring out my soul before the Lord .
1 Samuel 1:15
Now devote your heart and soul to seek the LORD your God . Begin to build the sanctuary of God , the Lord , that you may bring the ark of the Lord and the holy vessels that belong to God into the temple that will be built in honor of the name of the Lord . "
1 Chronicles 22:19
Made an agreement with all your heart and with all your soul to seek the LORD God of their fathers.
2 Chronicles 15:12

" So do not keep quiet , the affliction of my spirit desabafarei , in the bitterness of my soul I will make my complaints .
Job 7:11
" My life just gives me grief , so I give vent to my complaint and I will express embittered soul .
Job 10:1


It is not certain that I cried because of difficulty passing ? And that my soul was grieved because of the poor ?
Job 30:25
The law of the LORD is perfect and revives the soul . The testimonies of the Lord are trustworthy and make wise the simple .
Psalm 19:7
To you , Lord , do I lift up my soul .
Psalms 25:1 My soul yearns , even faints , for the courts of the LORD: my heart and my body sing for joy to the living God .
Psalms 84:2 My soul yearns , even faints , for the courts of the LORD: my heart and my body sing
for joy to the living God .
Psalms 84:2
Gladdens the heart of thy servant : for unto thee , O Lord , do I lift up my soul .
Psalms 86:4
When anxiety has dominated me on the inside , your consolation brought relief to my soul.
Psalms 94:19
Praise the LORD, my soul ! Praise the LORD, my whole being !
Psalms 103:1
Praise the LORD, my soul ! And forget not all his blessings !
Psalms 103:2
Praise the Lord all his works in all places of his dominion . Praise the LORD, my soul !
Psalms 103:22
Gladdens the heart of thy servant : for unto thee , O Lord , do I lift up my soul .
Psalms 86:4
When anxiety has dominated me on the inside , your consolation brought relief to my soul.
Psalms 94:19
Praise the LORD, my soul ! Praise the LORD, my whole being !
Psalms 103:1
Praise the LORD, my soul ! And forget not all his blessings !
Psalms 103:2
Praise the Lord all his works in all places of his dominion . Praise the LORD, my soul !
Psalms 103:22
Rejoice with great joy, for love , for you saw my affliction and have known the anguish of my soul .
Psalms 31:7
My soul shall make her boast in the LORD: the oppressed listen and be glad .
Psalms 34:2
Then my soul will rejoice in the Lord and rejoice in his salvation .
Psalms 35:9
As the deer longs for flowing streams , so my soul pants for you, O God.
Psalms 42:1
My soul thirsts for God , for the living God . When can I get to introduce myself to God ?
Psalms 42:2
My soul yearns , even faints , for the courts of the LORD: my heart and my body sing for joy to the living God .
Psalms 84:2
Gladdens the heart of thy servant : for unto thee , O Lord , do I lift up my soul . My soul yearns , even faints , for the courts of the LORD: my heart and my body sing for joy to the living God .
Psalms 84:2
Gladdens the heart of thy servant : for unto thee , O Lord , do I lift up my soul .
Psalms 86:4
When anxiety has dominated me on the inside , your consolation brought relief to my soul.
Psalms 94:19
Praise the LORD, my soul ! Praise the LORD, my whole being !
Psalms 103:1
Praise the LORD, my soul ! And forget not all his blessings !
Psalms 103:2
Praise the Lord all his works in all places of his dominion . Praise the LORD, my soul !
Psalms 103:22

Psalms 86:4
When anxiety has dominated me on the inside , your consolation brought relief to my soul.
Psalms 94:19
Praise the LORD, my soul ! Praise the LORD, my whole being !
Psalms 103:1
Praise the LORD, my soul ! And forget not all his blessings !
Psalms 103:2
Praise the Lord all his works in all places of his dominion . Praise the LORD, my soul !
Psalms 103:22
When we say the cauldron , we are referring to the fire of the Olympic torch , the torch and not as a whole.
When an individual was freaked , because he is a hot head with this because it can not solve their problems , and how he needs to solve his problems the heart sends more blood to the brain and so we get a hot head .
That's why a passionate person , age , almost by instinct , as the heart sends a large amount of blood , and very quickly to the brain , and we humans act almost irrationally .
That's why passion is different from love. Passion is a poison to the human mind , we humans go crazy because of our passions .
So what is the soul ?
The soul is the relationship , a function of the body , the vital energy , the spirit , the mind and God .
It is why we say that a being is not human anencephalic . Therefore to have the soul is therefore necessary to have mind and brain. For example, a fetus two months , which has neither the spine and brain not , got life , not more human life. The fetus interacts with the external environment , but not consciously, and therefore is practically part of the mother.
It's so clear the difference between spirit and soul in our society , we say , for example, that there is a feminine essence , and that even a man can have a female soul .
The term sex in gender studies designates aspects of biology and refers to the description of basic anatomical differences between men and women . Sex is not sex, female is not synonymous with woman and man means neither male . The term gender refers to the social differentiation between men and women , male and female . The difference between male and female is the result of a cultural construction , and today , with respect to the socially constructed roles .
What does the word beast! ? Who owns anima in Latin, soul , therefore an animal is an animate being, that moves by itself , for free conscience. That's why for most religions animals possess soul. Soon every animal has soul even than the human soul .
It is a relationship between the spirit profane and divine spirit , and all its mediations .
It is our soul that keep us in touch with the Lord God .
The love of God frees us of flesh and suffering, because love is freedom , passion is slavery .
The opposite of love is slavery .

LOVE < = > ROM

The id is the idiot , is the selfish ego and super ego is the super star Michael Jackson .
The lie is a friend of madness , and madness , the servant of evil .
A lie opens the soul to madness and this opens the door of the house to Satan .
The lie invites the demons to the party and the devil enters crashed .
The world is the human and time is of God .
The awareness of God and the will of the majority
The will of the majority is but the will of the majority and can be very in a fraction of half of God's will , because God's will is the will of the whole.
Soon , God-consciousness is at least composed of two halves this one in heaven , and one that down here among us humans , then the sum of most of the human consciousness is nothing of the human will. The will of Adonai , which is in heaven is beautiful clean and pure , and disconnects the matter .

The idea of human rationality and reason – multiplication
The idea for this very reason related to the idea of fraction and ratio , and proportionality, equal division between the parties , it has to do with hate it justice .
Put simply a fraction a / b , a and b are the part is the whole party .
The denominator is the number of parts a whole is divided and the numerator is the total number of shares that will be considered . Example: A teacher has to divide three sheets of tissue paper between four students , how can she do this ?
Each student stayed with 3:4 = leaf , ie you will divide each sheet into 4 pieces and distribute to each student 3 .
What is , for example, bonbons 10 divide ratio of one to one ( 1:1)
If I sharing a candy for this one for one , in the end each will have 5 sweets , sense of justice that is implicit in every human , no one likes to receive less than the other, unless it is proportionate .
Another example : Divide the candy for a reason of , keeping in mind that a boy worked double the hours that the other ( 1:2 ) . A boy will be with 4 chocolates and the other with 6 , a fair division of bonbons .
Quantities Directly Proportional ( G.D.P. )
Said two magnitudes are directly proportional when increasing implies an increase in the other , where the reduction implies a reduction of the other , or do you happen to one another.
Note that it is necessary to satisfy the property highlighted below.
Example : If a pudding recipe microwave use two cans of condensed milk , six eggs and two cans of milk for a pudding . I'll have to double the amount of each ingredient if you want to make two puddings , or halving the amount of each ingredient if you want, just half recipe.

I'll remember a great teaching of the master of masters , called JESUS ​​:
" A man who can not learn to multiply not divide ever. So I can share my bread and my fish , I need to learn how to multiply them .
If I have nothing to share , as I will share what I have . I first do my tree to bear fruit after sharing them . "


R = means " add multiple " , or multiplying means adding multiple times , successive times .

3-2 , three times two means: two added three times with itself , or 2 +2 +2 is equal to six .
When I say 4xy , means four times the Y added to himself , ie 4Y = Y + Y + Y + Y.
Ex : four houses =   + + +  

X Future Destination

DESTINY - from the Latin de- , intensifier , more stanare derived from stare . Destinare was " set , say , establish" , determining the end of something . Came to be used as "that which is firmly established for a person ." Sometimes , appeal to the destination is a comfortable way of living life without struggling too .
So the target is passing from birth to end of life .
When you send or sending letters in the mail , you Postava the sender and the RECIPIENT , where would go and where it should reach the destination.
" The fate belongs to the Eternal God , the future constructed every day . The future of the past that was built in the past , but now does not exist, there is the future of this . "

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