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The arachnid psychopathy

The arachnid psychopathy
(in web, networking, coletive, conspiracy )

In the social game are individuals who work in a network, web to catch their victims , they arm their webs strategically in social sites , waiting for the fall of their victims . Commonly call armadeiras in reference to armadeiras spiders , which in reality do not produce webs , but are intermediate between the construction of webs spiders and humans who create their webs of intrigue and virtual frames , filled with their rogue individuals " frames " . The difference for the term crook of everyday citizens , is that they act in a pack in web, network , collectively . An example of the daily soap opera was in the afternoon , Heavenly Creatures, where a group of " spiders " seized the character Rafael and began to drug him to take advantage of his assets and have a comfortable life . His wife Cristina , the mother , Deborah and the driver , Ivan they acted in a network, web to arrest the victim , Rafael .. The drug is equivalent to the spider's venom , when the Queen gives fucked and sucks the prey very slowly so she does not die , and can day after day with their children and other spiders web, suck your blood. It is inevitable here the analogy with employers and employees who are sucked up to the limit of their living conditions , and logical character of our imaginary television : Dracula , which gives the first bite their victims becoming zombies . And another more implicit ARTAME of users , commonly called a " spider " , who become zumbizados in society . Another example was a television design, if I 'm not mistaken , the girls super powerful fighting a mad , that has a belt , hypnotizing trance and leaves several women who acted in the network, and to destroy family relationships , work and friendship , and importantly, were not established exclusively between men and women , including the crazy destroying the relations between women, who refused peremptorily to coptarem megalomaniac in his plan for world domination . This is what I would like to know when the design of ultra - feminist , ultra -violet , resigned or started to deform the feminist movement and they started to inculcate in the minds of the weaker " master - plan " for world domination, remember now the design of the Pink and the Brain , two mice in their fantastic creativity maquineiam , leaving their little world and conquer the world . Yet I remember a movie I watched in SBT , which was called Invasion of Spiders and that fits very well in this conceptual definition . Other television shows that this problem was the novel " Cat's Cradle " where the character Gustavo was involved in a plot that involved his friends and enemies , to friends as a joke that cost munto expensive for them mainly for Alcindo friend . To his enemies as Veronica, who was very " smart ", a psychopath who had married him to inherit his property and the position of president in the company Aromas and then taking advantage of the "game " tasteless an opportunity to kill him ! For this, she invented a pregnancy , then pretended to have lost the baby and several other strategies that we are already used in novels . The novel questioning how far we humans can manipulate the lives of others or with the objectives that were , for good or for bad . Always suggest to my students in the sense that the characters had committed with Gustavo was at least crime of aggravated collective psychological torture of conspiracy . The result of the game was 30 years of jail for those involved. Moral lesson : we humans can not play and use the other as a thing in our " games " is a crime against human rights . The strategy of bullying is very similar .
It is known that the individual can go crazy crazy group and the individual group . What happened in Germany , cultured and civilized society , at the time of Nazism , and exemplifies the relationship between individuals and groups , with catastrophic results .

In the web of Spider - Along Came a Spider - The game is far from over .
" An evil and refined thriller that will leave everyone puzzled .
1 -
2 -

Along Came a Spider - Call - Sunday Major ( 2010)

Along Came a Spider ( 9/10 )

Along Came a Spider ( 10/10 )

In this movie the writer also addresses collective psychopathy , there is a part of the movie trellis very clear , the vampires will attack a city in flocks , on a train , watch the movie noticing. A figure of speech that is used in the film is a hive comsua queen.

FILM - The Rite
The Exorcist film references the attack of demons , how they attack the network. Whenever a psychopath is a victim all the others tend to want to " suck " too.
Spiders - Sistem of Down - Spiders armadeiras ! ! !
Spiders armadeiras ! ! ! ! ! !
Psychopathy Arcnidea - wake up !
As they create more of a little spider to its web of intrigue .
Tititi ! !

Screenplay: princess > doll > hottie > Kitty ( piriguete ) > witch > vampire > black witch > domineering psychopath ! !
"The daugther of evil "

Bullying is a kind of collective psychopathy .
Qdo the victim does not submit , the aggressor or aggressors create a web of intrigue to harass , subdue and subjugate the victim .
A bullie causes other psicoplasticamente behave like psychopaths and interact in the " game." # p/u/0/06GVXAWeaMA

When the victim is a minor , if she resists , bullies ( perpetrators ) create a lie , which then turns a rumor and finally ends up becoming a web of intrigue . In the case of the victim being bigger, physically , the bullie is organized with others like him who are domineering and create the first web of intrigue , the " all powerful " .
At school bullies ( perpetrators ) do pranks , teasing , put pejorative nicknames , defame , threaten , embarrass and belittle some students whisper about the victim's life as she passes . Steal or steal money, snacks and belongings of other students . Tend to be popular in school and are always enturmados . Have fun at the expense of suffering . others.
This type of " little game " happens not only in schools, but in many areas of society , the workplace, etc. .
After all who teach children and adolescents to be so! ?


Why vampire can not see blood! ?
Because to be blood , there needs to be cut and if cut , there must be pain. As the psychopath can not see anyone suffering with pain , he has to go there to take advantage , trampling , suck as much as possible . That is why the crisis of laughter during the bullying .
"Who gossips ass espoca , who whispers the tail sprit "

Altas Horas - Bullying - Dangerous Minds in Schools - Ana Beatriz Silva

Over You - Bullying - Ana Beatriz Silva and Serginho Groisman - Part. 1/2

Butterflies in Flight - documentary about bullying

Augusto Cury on The Code of intelligence .

" My impression is that young people are developing traits of psychopathy collectively . classics are not psychopaths , who destroy or kill without feeling the pain of others . hurt But his colleagues with ease and rarely have guilt . harm their teachers as if they were more a mere extra in the classroom . "

" They are lowering the levels of solidarity , compassion , generosity. Developing traits of psychopathy . "

The students are getting used to playing RPG within the classroom, the teacher for them is no more than a character avatar .

This is what Dr Ana Beatriz calls psicopatoplástico behavior .

Society Psicopatoplástica by Ana Beatriz Silva
Psychopaths by Dr. Ana Beatriz , author of the book: Dangerous Minds .

Suzane and his cronies brothers Clove .
Experts evaluate Suzane Richthofen .
Brothers Cloves - 21/08/2009

Metamorphosis :
Black Swan ( double personality) :

Black Swan - Disturbia
Black Swan trailer subtitled :
black swan "the fantasy"
Black Swan in 5 seconds :

Ecclesiastes 7:26
And I find more bitter than death the woman whose heart is snares and nets, and her hands as bands : whoso pleaseth God shall escape from her, but the sinner shall be taken by her .

Spiders Armadeiras ! ! Witches Black Damn ! !
In short : a psychopath repeats , takes advantage of the other thrown over the victim to suck , get along .
To a psychopath 's all a game , life is a game , love is a game , family relationships is a game ; friendship is a game , even God is a game .

This is the sense of life to them, this is the pleasure and purpose of it .

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